Monday’s Pinterest Picks: Beer, Bacon, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Criminal Justice Reform! (7.20.15)

So I’m starting a new thing called Pinterest Picks! I’ll be doing a weekly roundup of some cool things I saw that have to do with beer, books, and criminal justice. Some of these things will be things you can buy, and some will be informational – links to articles, recipes, that sort of thing.

It’ll be like a weekly subscription box, except you don’t give money and I don’t get you anything. So, really, not like a subscription box at all. BUT STILL.

Let’s get started!

1. Beer Pint Glasses – 2/$16

beer pint glass

How cute are these?! I’ve always wanted beer can glasses, and these are adorable. I love the little snake logo. These are 16oz glasses, and are 100% made in the USA. They’d make an excellent gift, and an excellent addition to your own cupboards, tbh.

2. Beer Candied Bacon [RECIPE]

beer candied bacon

I’m showing my ass at how bad a Muslim I am, but come on, who doesn’t love bacon?! Back when I was actually practicing properly, I had a very good friend who’d tell me, “Elle, you know, you’re not missing much. Sex is awkward and complicated. Alcohol is expensive, and half of it doesn’t taste that great unless you dump a bunch of sugar in it. But bacon??? Oh, man, you are MISSING OUT.”

And she was absolutely right. I still remember the first day I had bacon, which is a story for another time. But I saw this recipe for Beer Candied Bacon and couldn’t not share it. Bacon is amazing, in all its forms, and y’all need to get in on this.

These folks used Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout, and that would’ve been my gut instinct, too – use a stout, an imperial stout, etc. Something dark and heavy with some sweet notes.

But you know what I really want to do? I really want to make it using a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout.

But it doesn’t even have to be bourbon barrels. I keep thinking about Solemn Oath’s bourbon barrel aged anaphylaxis, which was a belgian carrot cake IPA aged in August Hill Cabernet Franc barrels. It was basically orgasmic. It was hands down the best beer I ever had – Thanksgiving of 2013, in the tap room, with one of my really good friends from high school. (Hi, Jess!)

And the variations are endless – tequila barrel aged, wine barrel aged, bourbon barrel aged, a scotch ale or wee heavy. And what about doing it with lighter beers, like a lemony or lemon-grassy saison? What about using lambics?

You know what you guys should do? Do a beer candied bacon tasting, where you make these recipes using different beers and cut the bacon into 1-inch pieces and stick toothpicks in them so everyone can try them.

Just make sure you have the activated charcoal and stomach pumps on hand, though, I guess.

3. The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge

rory and jess

So this is an awesome book challenge that I have been meaning to do FOREVER but never made a concerted effort to try. And yes, I obviously had to put up a picture of Rory and Jess, played by Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia, because they were my favorite couple on the show and I hate AS-P et al for ruining them. Although I like to think that when Rory graduated Yale, Jess was there in the audience, and they reconnected after she jilted Logan (or maybe before?) and will probably meet up when Rory is on the campaign trail with Obama. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS OKAY?

Also I kind of have a thing for Italian men. And Irish men. It’s the dark-hair-and-dark-eyes combo, frankly, that does me in every time. It’s my Kryptonite, and my BFF Ken gives me SO MUCH SHIT FOR IT. God I hate him.

Anyway, the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge started when someone did a YT video about how Rory is a total bookworm, and this challenge was born. I don’t know if the list is complete – I think it’s missing 2-3 titles (ugh, can you TELL I used to be a huge fan of this show before they made it so very White (TM)?) – but it’s a great start.

Ugh, young Rory. So much love.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird Wall Art – $21.17+


So my thoughts on “Go Set a Watchman” are for another post, tbh. I don’t want to get into all of that here. But I still love To Kill A Mockingbird, and this is a lovely wall print, with a great quote that all of us could stand to recall more often.

5. What Obama Did and Didn’t Say About Criminal Justice Reform

obama criminal justice reform prison visit

This is obviously a subject near and dear to my heart, and it was a very exciting time for me and the rest of the criminal defense bar when President Obama took the floor and started talking about the different ways our criminal justice system is broken. He brought the conversations that we defense attorneys have in the hallways of court rooms, in our bar association meetings, at our private parties, into the national social consciousness, and that is huge. Even if you and/or your family aren’t affected by mass incarceration, you actually are. It’s a very large social problem that fractures communities and exploits populations and even SIGNIFICANTLY affects the outcomes of local and national and Presidential elections! You can no longer afford not to know about this issue. You just can’t. So I’m going to start you off with some links:

  • What Obama said about the criminal justice system [HERE]
  • What Obama didn’t say about the criminal justice system [HERE]
  • Fucking Asshole Shitbag Federal Prosecutors (or, AUSAs), rally against sentencing reform and call for building more prisons [HERE]
  • This is how mass incarceration helps overpriced yuppie havens like Whole Foods thrive [HERE]
  • This is how mass incarceration affects presidential, congressional, and local elections [HERE]

If you have read these articles and are fucking pissed off and want to know more so that you can channel your well-informed anger into solutions, here is a book that I would HIGHLY recommend as excellent starting points. From there, you can branch out and find other sources, or you can start fighting the system immediately because this book offers a great foundation:

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander



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